Guitar teacher

Do you need a guitar teacher for Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop?

Nils Pollheide teaches guitar at the KlangArt Jazz & Pop Academy in Osnabrück. The graduated guitarist, living in Osnabrück, has many skills in different styles (rock/funk/blues/jazz/pop). He has also much teaching experiences and teaches advanced and beginners with an individual lesson plan for everyone.

He wants to support and motivate his pupils and help them to find their own style and implement their own ideas.

He gives tips for studying the guitar, such as instrumental technique, rhythmic, timing, phrasing, different aproaches to improvisiation, extra-musical aspects, such as concentrated practising.

For a trial lesson or if you have any questions please contact me. The lessons take place in the KlangArt Jazz & Pop Academy in Osnabrück.
































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